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Reliable payroll services

Payroll is particularly cumbersome in those businesses where there is a constant turnover of staff and leavers and starters have to be dealt with. We can take this administrative burden away, ensuring everyone is paid on time with the correct amount, and you are fully compliant with the latest changes in legislation.

Significantly reducing legislative stress

There have been many changes to employment legislation over the last few years. Simply keeping abreast of these is time-consuming and stressful.

You have to take into account the time and effort it takes to manage all of those changes. Nevertheless, it has to be done and managed properly.

Data security and compliance

All personal data relating to staff or clients stored by your business must be GDPR compliant.

Many businesses find this task quite daunting, but we can offer advice on the best ways to monitor and record who has and hasn’t given their consent for you to store their data.  

Managing employee Holiday Pay

Calculating holiday pay fairly for your workforce is another area subject to change.

Businesses can be taken to court and fined heavily for miscalculation of holiday pay

Our Payroll Services

  • Setting up a Payroll Schedule
  • Generating Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly payroll
  • Making tax payments that include state income tax, federal withholding tax, and employment taxes, insurance and any other benefits
  • Weekly / Monthly payroll reports based on your needs
  • Manually / Electronically filed form 941 & NYS-45 (payroll returns)
  • Issue of Form W-2 and 1099